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Florence, South Carolina, Traffic Law Attorney

Traffic violations happen every day in Florence, South Carolina, and many occur unknowingly. At Jernigan Law Firm, P.A., we provide skilled representation to resolve traffic violations throughout the Pee Dee region. From our extensive experience, we understand that a client might not even realize a law was broken.

Florence, South Carolina, Traffic Law Lawyer

Over the years, we have provided the legal guidance required to resolve traffic violations that involve driving while a license is revoked and driving without a license. Our firm's founding attorney, Rod Jernigan, has an impressive record of experience with trial work and has defended hundreds of clients.

Driving while license revoked and driving without a license are criminal charges and should not to be taken lightly. Potential penalties can have severe and far-reaching consequences, including:

  • Classes
  • Community service
  • Driving record points
  • Fines
  • Insurance changes: higher rate, cancellation or denial
  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Visa, passport and immigration status adjustments

It can be challenging and costly to get back a revoked license, but our understanding of traffic law in South Carolina makes the process a smoother one for a client. A case always begins with a thorough assessment of your unique situation. Using our firm's high standard of client service, we carefully document every detail that you provide to form a sound strategy of defense. It is our goal to get your charges dropped if possible or reduced to minimize damage. We will protect your rights as we seek an effective resolution to your case.

Pee Dee Lawyer for License Suspension Defense

To talk about a driving while a license is revoked or driving without a license issue with a knowledgeable lawyer, contact us. Please call us at 843-407-3067 toll free or send an e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to discuss how our effective services can help your situation.